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Self Assessment Frequently asked questions


Q: Why has this additional step been introduced?
A: Growers have always had the option to self assess their operations against ISCC requirements. Formalising this step enables growers to make a more informed decision about whether they trade their grain as ISCC Certified.

Q: What is the benefit? Doesn’t this just create more work for farmers?
A: It is important that growers have available all the information they need to make an informed decision about trading grain as ISCC Certified. The Self Assessment form enables growers to review all the ISCC requirements against their operations in an easy to-use and retrievable format.

The Form

Q: How long does it take to complete this form?
A: The form should take no more than 20-30 minutes to complete.

Q: Can you save the Grower Self Assessment form and come back to it later?
A: Yes, the Grower Self Assessment form can be saved at any stage and completed later.

Q: Do I have to provide any evidence to support my answers?
A: No evidence is required at this stage, however you will need to have the required evidence prior to contracting your grain. If selected for an audit, you will have to provide this evidence to the auditor.

Q: Why was the Grower Self Assessment form not made available through the NGR?
A: Both Parties are working to determine how the process can be more streamlined and integrated.

Q: Can you link through to the NGR once you have completed your Self Assessment form and received your Completion Code?
A: Yes, on completion of the Grower Self Assessment form, you will be provided with your Completion Code and a link through to the NGR website.

Q: If a grower has more than one NGR (e.g. share farm) will they need to complete more than one Self Assessment form?
A: Yes, an SGA Self Assessment form must be completed for each NGR card.

Q: Is the Grower Self Assessment form compatible with mobile and tablet devices?
A: Yes, the Grower Self Assessment form is compatible with mobile and tablet devices, both Apple and Android.

Q: Will I have to complete a Grower Self Assessment form each year?
A: Yes, a new form will be required each year, but where information can be rolled over from one year to the next, the form will be pre-populated with this information, saving you time.

Completion Codes

Q: Is there a time limit on the Codes?
A: Yes, the Code has a life of 12 months.

Q: Can the Code be shared?
A: No, the Code can only be used against the corresponding NGR.

Q: Can the Code be reused?
A: The Code is valid for 12 months. A new Code will be required next season.

Western Australia

Q: Is CBH also mandating the Self Assessment for growers?
A: Yes, CBH have introduced the same requirements for their growers.

Q: I have already completed an ISCC Self Assessment via CBH, why do I need complete one for SGA?
A: SGA and CBH do collaborate on ISCC activities, however, CBH is not a participant of Sustainable Grain Australia, and as such we do not have access to their records. If you would like to sell sustainable grain to any of the SGA Participating Companies, you are required to complete a SGA Self Assessment and Self Declaration.

Cash Sales

Q: What if a grower elects to deliver ISCC grain as a cash sale at the receival point?
A: Where a trader will accept cash sales for ISCC grain, the grower will still be required to have completed a Grower Self Assessment form, as well as the Grower Self Declaration, in order for the grain to be accepted.


Q: Where can I go for help?
A: SGA have established a dedicated phone number for any grower queries related to the
completion of the Grower Self Assessment form.

The NGR Help Desk can also assist with questions related to the Grower Self Declaration.

SGA Helpline: 0497 567 469

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